Scottish Watches Podcast #168 : What Would Jesus Wear?

Scottish Watches Podcast #168 : What Would Jesus Wear? Get your WWJW lume braclets on, yup we go where no show has gone before. but before that we mourn the passing of the Argos Catalogue. You can check out you birth year catalogue here get yourself a travel clock you…


The CasiOak

What’s in a name? More specifically, what’s in a nickname? Why do some stand the test of time while others fall by the wayside? I think a good nickname is short, ideally less than three syllables, easy to remember, and embodies the essence of the object or person it describes….


Scottish Watches Podcast #167 : Record Breaking Rolex, MAALS, G-SHOCK and More

Scottish Watches Podcast #167 : Record Breaking Rolex, MAALS, G-SHOCK and More No travel clocks to report on this week, no news whatsoever…not actually true. We have with us a Maals watch. Rikki has a secret watch on….top secret cannot say anything at all, zip zero. Tune in on the…


On Wrist: The Instrmnt D-Series

Instrmnt’s first mechanical offering is a legitimately compelling adventure into brutalist tool watch design, hinting at enormous potential for the Scottish brand’s future. I recently dragged everyone’s least-favourite fashion watch cabal Vincero through the dirt for being, well, rubbish, and I feel like there’s now something of an onus on me to represent the world of “fashion watches” with some…


Minging: Nothing New Under the Sun?

“… and there is no new thing under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9   Photo Credit: Ming Watches The line between inspiration and plagiarism can be extremely fine. Today, homage watches  are a dime a dozen with designs inspired by vintage Rolex Submariners or Daytonas. Even established watch brands themselves often…


Watch Review AVI-8 Flyboy Lafayette Chronograph

There is no shortage these days of brands making vintage-leaning, aviation-inspired timepieces. As companies dig deeper and deeper into their back catalogs for inspiration, more and more watches inspired by a time when they were a crucial tool come to the forefront. Few brands, though, have gone all-in like the…