#Scottishwatches – Week #44

Hey watchfam! This past week had a lot of great shots from some awesome people using the hashtag #scottishwatches which made it even harder for me to decide on which were the best! How creative people make their shots always amaze me and give me so much inspiration. Here are…


Scottish Watches Podcast #199 : Halloween Watch News

Oh it’s getting close to episode 200 – but in the mean time we chat about … …all the things we are not supposed to talk about, welcome to embargo busters, welcome ABTW and Moser to the Club First up time telling in the Swiss watch world. Oris we are…


Scottish Watches Podcast #198 : Roger Smith and Mike France on The Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers Plus A Co-Axial History Lesson

What could be better than two Scotsman, a Manx resident and a guy with the surname France to introduce the latest organisation dedicated to the world of British Watch and Clock making. We bring to you today the Alliance of British Watch & Clock Makers Founders Roger Smith and Mike…


Scottish Watches Podcast #197 : Catching Up With Harlan from WristReview

It’s been over a year since we chatted with Harlan from WristReview so we grabbed an hour to chat about what he’s been up to and what watches have caught his eye recently.  


Introducing : Laco München

When I wrote the Last Week (In Watches) Today article recently there was one watch that really stood out for me, the Laco München. Now, if you say “pilot’s chronograph with day-date” to me I immediately think of overly complicated and fussy watches. While I can understand how some of…


Last Week (In Watches) Today

 As the world continues to rumble on in its semi lock down state, things over in the world of watches frenetic in pace, with a flood of watch releases over the past couple of weeks. This week however, has been relatively slow (by slow I mean more than 10 releases…


Scottish Watches Podcast #196 : New Panerai, Chopard, Seiko Plus More Rants

Scottish Watches Podcast #196 : New Panerai, Chopard, Seiko Plus More Rants The new Chopard 1400cc Twin Cam 16 valve K series. Rick Rants follows Barbara Rants… promised Hodinkee still performing magnificently, and now with 250 notes to spend, and we look forward to trying to spend it with Mike…